An unexpected honor proves that words matter

An unexpected honor proves that words matter

An unexpected honor proves that words matter

I take personal satisfaction from owning a business that helps my clients win with words. So to learn that I’ve been named to Minnesota Business magazine’s The (Real) Power 50 for 2017 is an unexpected and much appreciated honor.

I’m delighted to be deemed a “mover and shaker” by my peers in the local business community. It validates that choosing to help people communicate with power and purpose has merit.

And coming so soon on the heels of a Star Tribune profile piece on me and TruPerception has certainly given me a boost of confidence and affirmed my commitment to helping people succeed.

With the rise of the abusive tweet, we are seeing an unprecedented decline in discourse. This rampant lack of courtesy and respect — this war of words — has me on alert. Language is being used to divide rather than unite.

My mission and my passion is to help you achieve your goals through the undiminished power of positive communication. In the Star Tribune profile piece, I said that I want to bring back decorum, which struck a chord with the many readers who reached out to me for help.

I know I’m not alone in sensing an urgent need for a return to the healing power of diplomacy: knowing the right things to say in the right way at the right time.

Are you with me?

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