One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching

The truth is that most people make simple mistakes about word choice, tone, and voice in almost every interaction. Which can make it difficult for professionals to raise their hand and say, “I need help communicating.” So, even if you manage to avoid the worst communication mistakes, you’re still denying yourself the full potential of a tool that’s essential for positive outcomes.

One-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching uses a science-based approach for our coaching programs to effectively show you how to lead from a position of power, enhance your image and be taken more seriously—no matter who or what you’re dealing with.

One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching

  • A 6-week leadership coaching program, with 24-7 access to Melissa to guide you through any current business situation
  • Learn the precise language you need to confidently deal with any good or bad news situation
  • Upgrade your elevator speech, LinkedIn profile, and custom email audits with right-way rewrites to improve message results
  • Uncover clear proof points that differentiate you from others
  • Receive on-demand writing and executive coaching to help you grow your network, increase your presence and close more deals or opportunities
  • Respond to microaggressions, sidestep ambushes, and avoid future crisis

How is One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching Helpful? 

Working with Melissa as your Executive Leadership Coach allows you to customize your experience and give you real-world examples and practical tips to respond to a crisis in your company. She will give you the tools and talking points to communicate with confidence regardless of the situation.

Melissa offers a 6-week one-on-one executive leadership coaching for those dealing with a current crisis that can be conducted in-person or online. You can expect a 6-week course, with the opportunity to extend, and is available for a variety of budgets from $3,000-$7,000+. This course will bring you to a solution faster and avert any current crisis.

Examples of Coaching Topics:

  • Dissatisfaction with a boss or leader
  • Concern over termination
  • Conflict between employees, or feeling sabotaged by a coworker
  • Promotions (and how to avoid demotions)
  • Changing industries
  • Major life and career changes

Executive Coaching helps you develop the strategy and skills to address major roadblocks by using effective communication skills to advance your agenda more effectively.

Are you ready for one-on-one executive leadership coaching?

Online Executive Coaching With The Board Room

The Board Room is our online executive coaching resource that provides you with all of Melissa’s coaching resources, in an easy-to-follow online video format. The Board Room allows you to learn our science-based approach on your own time and the ability to re-watch whenever you need. 

The Board Room is a monthly subscription that provides you unlimited access to its content, and is updated weekly.

Looking for a group training experience?

Melissa, Your Executive Leadership Coach

Melissa DeLay is a speaker, author, and award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception.

With more than two decades of strategic and corporate communication experience–including consulting for entities such as Ameriprise Financial and the state of Minnesota, as well as holding senior positions with 3M, Carlson Companies, Maytag, and AmeriPride–she knows how to deliver the right words, in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement, and build a stronger brand.

Melissa has curtailed a social media smear campaign in less than 24 minutes, resulting in regaining instant credibility and avoiding widespread negative exposure for the company.