Crisis Communication In The Workplace

Reputation Management Strategy

Reputation Management Services

Over twenty years of experience working with individuals, small businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

When people get the wrong impression about you or your company, the time, effort and costs associated with setting the record straight can be astronomical, no matter how well-intentioned you are.

Don’t let negative reviews, low engagement scores and even smear campaigns tarnish your reputation. Learn how to respond credibly and authentically to a business crisis in a way that gets you the exact results your brand needs. Having crisis communication skills in the workplace makes it possible for you to speak directly to your clients, employees, the media, investors and regulators to neutralize a current business crisis or prevent a future one from occurring.


That’s why executives and business owners need a reputation management strategist and business crisis consulting expert by their side. Whether in response to a product recall, policy breach, discrimination charge, irate customer or disgruntled employee, TruPerception brings over twenty years of industry experience to the table. TruPerception provides individuals and businesses of all sizes with crisis consulting, leadership development, change management implementation, strategic communications counsel, organizational development and other human capital solutions.


Reputation Retainer

Perceptions are forged in an instant. When they’re favorable—customers take notice, competitors worry and employees work harder. But when they’re disparaging, it can be extremely damaging to your brand. In fact, the success of your company, department or individual services comes down to one thing—communication.

When you’re on a Reputation Retainer with TruPerception, you’ll learn how to clearly communicate a compelling mission and vision while motivating your team through recognition of individual contributions towards the overall vision. You and your team will have access to an award-winning business crisis consultancy which provides professional and leadership development and coaching, including crisis management and strategic communications counsel.

With TruPerception, you’ll know how to deliver bad news, motivate your team to achieve your goals, avoid scandal or controversy and navigate out of a crisis if one does occur.

TruPerception Has Successfully Helped Clients:

  • Stop threats to reputation and avoid lawsuits through crisis containment
  • Discover gaps in leadership styles, culture or employee brand
  • Receive a customized message map to address every foreseeable conflict
  • Navigate business disruptions and manage widespread, corporate change

How you communicate with clients, shareholders, vendors, the media, employees and candidates is the foundation upon which your reputation is built, and it shouldn’t be an afterthought. A proactive reputation management strategy shows leaders how to communicate authentically to high stakes audiences, respond to a crisis in business and gain practical skills for crisis communication in the workplace.

TruPerception elevates your communication skills by focusing on content and delivery techniques.


Leadership Training

A TruPerception leadership program helps you reach your internal goals through the development of thoughtful, respected leaders and cohesive teams. You’ll gain the tools you need to resolve a current business crisis, work collaboratively and protect your company’s reputation.

Every session focuses on the use of language to communicate effectively without creating barriers. You’ll learn proven reputation management strategies, refined from more than twenty years of world-class leadership development experience. Then, we’ll tackle the unique challenges of your group.

The leadership program centers on key business drivers such as handling high-pressure moments, keeping your best employees engaged, knowing how to respond to a current business crisis, positioning yourself and your team as credible and smoothing over leadership team rivalries that hurt productivity.

Crisis Avoidance Management Training

  • Learn to communicate openly, while maintaining appropriate business discretion
  • Earn high approval ratings from employees, clients and customers
  • Gain clarity on roles and responsibilities while addressing underperforming leaders
  • Embrace diversity to leverage strengths and improve your decision-making process
  • Promote favorable impressions of your products and services
  • Deliver authentic, compelling presentations in any setting or situation
  • Embrace accountability and instill a communications ethic among leaders

Sessions are organized in both small and large groups and may be conducted in-person or via web.

Recent engagements include training for the City of Minneapolis and CIOX Health, and workshops for the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association, Carlson School of Management Women’s Leadership Conference, SHRM Inclusion Conference and Centerpoint Energy.


Executive Coaching

The truth is that most people make simple mistakes about word choice, tone and voice in almost every interaction. Which can make it difficult for professionals to raise their hand and say, “I need help communicating.” So, even if you manage to avoid the worst communication mistakes, you’re still denying yourself the full potential of a tool that’s essential for positive outcomes.

Getting the exact results you want is a science that requires you to know what to say and how to say it. We utilize a science-based approach for our coaching programs to effectively show you how to lead from a position of power, enhance your image and be taken more seriously—no matter who or what you’re dealing with.

Communicate With Power

  • Learn the precise language to deal with any current business crisis
  • Determine in less than 90 seconds if you’re talking to an influencer
  • Receive custom email audits with right-way rewrites to improve message results
  • Upgrade your elevator speech and LinkedIn profile
  • Uncover clear proof points that differentiate you from others
  • Receive on-demand writing and business crisis consulting to help you grow your network, increase executive presence and close more deals or opportunities
  • Respond to microaggressions, sidestep ambushes and avoid future crises

Develop the reputation management strategy and skills to address major communication roadblocks and use every encounter as an opportunity to communicate and advance your agenda more effectively.

TruPerception Executive Coaching sessions are highly customized and conducted in-person, on-camera, and via phone. We’ll give you real-world examples and practical tips to know how to respond to a crisis in business so you can communicate with confidence regardless of the situation.