Crisis Management Consultant

If you’ve worked in a leadership role for long enough, you know that situations come up when you don’t expect them–and are least prepared for them. A crisis can look different in every situation, but being prepared and having proper coaching before it happens can ensure it is handled effectively and everyone leaves the situation with full confidence in your leadership abilities.

A crisis management consultant will help you clearly and effectively communicate challenging or difficult topics to your team. The success of your company, department or individual services comes down to one thing–communication.

How Can Crisis Communication Services Help You?

  • Melissa immediately partners with you to contain active crisis situations
  • Once the crisis is contained Melissa offers 24/7 support to help navigate business disruptions and threats
  • 1-on-1 coaching or group training available
  • Ongoing crisis prevention to help navigate business disruptions and threats
  • Melissa provides you with a “Copy Bible” of pre-approved statements, vision, core values, “yes’s” about your company, and signed and approved documentation of communication during a crisis
  • Melissa trains and coaches you on how to clearly communicate a compelling mission and vision statement while motivating your team toward the overall vision
  • Melissa advises you on how to establish and uphold the reputation of leaders within your company

Crisis and Reputation Management Retainer

Melissa offers a comprehensive crisis and reputation management retainer which includes 24/7 support during times of active crisis. You can expect a 3-month minimum of coaching that is available for a variety of budgets from $6,000 to $20,000+ for month-to-month support. If your crisis is not active, coaching can be done remotely, but most active crises require Melissa to be in person.

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When Is Crisis Management Helpful? 

Working with Melissa as your crisis management consultant is a training and coaching opportunity that builds a proactive reputation and crisis management strategy. It will help you communicate authentically to high-stake audiences, prevent and respond to a crisis and help you gain practical skills for overall communication in the workplace. No crisis is too big or too small!

Professional Guidance

Having a crisis management consultant like Melissa in your corner can help guide you through difficult situations where you may not know the right things to say. Melissa can offer verbal and written advice on presenting unpleasant news, such as laying off employees or terminating an employee for cause. She can help coach you on how to present yourself with authority, respond to press, and other critical aspects to uphold your reputation. 

Mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs 

Mergers and acquisitions or layoffs can be shocking and confusing to many employees–especially when they don’t know what the future holds for them. Ensuring your leadership team has a clear, direct, and effective communication strategy when delivering the news is critical to your employees and the future of the company. 

Melissa offers guidance on how to deliver an effective and clear message to your employees or leadership team. Reaffirming the company’s mission and vision statement so employees know your stance, and good ways to deliver bad news.

Reputation Management 

The most important word to remember when thinking about reputation management is TRUTH. There are times when it might seem better to hide information for fear of reprimand, but the truth always has a way of coming out. That’s why it’s critical that you get out ahead of potentially harmful news and remain truthful by bringing it to light in a positive manner.

A crisis communication consultant like Melissa can guide you through the process of remaining truthful, and what to share when bringing sensitive information to light. She will train you on proper communication techniques, embracing transparency, and controlling the narrative of your story.

This service is beneficial for executive leaders (CEO, CFO, CCO, VPs) and business professionals who represent clients (such as lawyers). Don’t let your past dictate your future, or ruin your present!

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Looking for alternative consulting services?

Melissa offers a variety of consulting services starting from one-hour speaking engagements to 24/7 access retainers. Services include group leadership training programs, leadership guest speaking, and one-on-one executive coaching.

Melissa, Your Crisis Communication Consultant

Melissa DeLay is a speaker, author, and award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception.

With more than two decades of strategic and corporate communication experience–including consulting for entities such as Ameriprise Financial and the state of Minnesota, as well as holding senior positions with 3M, Carlson Companies, Maytag, and AmeriPride–she knows how to deliver the right words, in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement, and build a stronger brand.

Melissa served as crisis communications manager for a global manufacturer following a damaging media expose. In less than six days, she prevented products from being pulled from a billion-dollar retailer’s shelves, avoided a Customs investigation, and restored their reputation with employees, customers, and the public.