Crisis Leadership Training Program

The TruPerception Crisis Leadership Training Program features all the best parts of our Crisis Management Consulting but is condensed into a one-day, strategist group training. You can think of this program as a “masterclass”. Sessions are organized in both small and large groups and may be conducted in person or via the web. Melissa will customize the topic to your specific needs, and do hands-on group training. 

A crisis leadership training program is a great way for professionals at all stages of their careers to learn the skills and crisis management techniques early on and build a toolbox of strategies to avoid any major crisis. Not only is this training beneficial for entry-level professionals, but it is also beneficial in bringing executives together for a one-day training session, similar to an executive retreat.

Leadership Skills Training Courses

  • A one-day event of your choice, whether it’s a company event, external event, or expo that your company is hosting or participating in
  • A dynamic, on-demand troubleshooting discussion where attendees can surface real-life scenarios that Melissa will address on the fly
  • The Leadership Training Program will cover hot topics in the modern workplace (layoffs, crisis management, work relationships, how to advocate for yourself, and more!)
  • Because we live in such uncertain times, you are able to reschedule any canceled events for up to one year!

How Can A One-Day Training Program Help You?

Working with Melissa as your leadership training coach helps you reach your internal goals through the development of thoughtful, respected leaders and cohesive teams. You’ll gain the tools you need to resolve a current business crisis, work collaboratively and protect your company’s reputation.

Melissa offers an on-site group leadership training program that includes a customizable discussion for the leaders and employees in your company to participate in. You can expect to pay an initial deposit fee to hold the date and then the full program fee is due 10 days before your event, plus the cost of travel for Melissa (if you aren’t local). Due to the nature of schedule changes, you have up to one year to reschedule your training program with Melissa.

Benefits of Leadership Training:

  • The use of language to communicate effectively without creating barriers
  • Learn reputation management strategies that are proven to work with over 20 years of world-class leadership development experience
  • Learn to communicate openly, while maintaining appropriate business discretion (this is great for young professionals!)
  • Earn high approval ratings from employees, clients, and customers
  • Gain clarity on roles and responsibilities while addressing underperforming leaders
  • Embrace diversity to leverage strengths and improve your decision-making process
  • Promote favorable impressions of your products and services
  • Deliver authentic, compelling presentations in any setting or situation

The crisis leadership development program centers on key business drivers such as handling high-pressure moments, keeping your best employees engaged, knowing how to respond to a current business crisis, positioning yourself and your team as credible, and smoothing over leadership team rivalries that hurt productivity.

Are you ready for group leadership training?

Looking for alternative consulting services?

Melissa offers a variety of consulting services starting from one-hour speaking engagements to 24/7 access retainers. Services include group leadership training programs, leadership guest speaking, and one-on-one executive coaching.

Melissa, Your Leadership Training Coach

Melissa DeLay is a speaker, author, and award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception.

Recent engagements include training for the City of Minneapolis and CIOX Health, and workshops for the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association, Carlson School of Management Women’s Leadership Conference, SHRM Inclusion Conference and Centerpoint Energy. 

Melissa has prevented widespread public scandals from happening, by advising the leadership teams on exact steps to restore reputation, save any at-risk accounts, terminate fraudulent employees, and reduce client refunds by hundreds of thousands of dollars.