Online Leadership Coaching with The Boardroom

“Are you giving your career all you’ve got, only to find yourself being overlooked? Corporate America can be brutal even for the highest achievers–I know because I used to be one of them! You may have a strong desire to grow into a high-profile role, but obstacles seem impossible to overcome. You know you need to have a strong language at the ready in case you’re ever given the opportunity to showcase your strengths, but you have no idea where to begin.

A professional development coach can help you navigate through these obstacles, helping you recognize and utilize skills you already have and how to capitalize on them. That is why I created The Boardroom–think of it as a masterclass, just online and on your own time. I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have on your journey.” – Melissa DeLay

Digital Leadership Coaching

The Boardroom is a monthly subscription that is completely online and can be completed at your own pace. It’s designed to help you take control of your career, defuse conflict, and deal with critical coworkers, all while showing you how to be CEO of your life so you can be seen, recognized and promoted!

As a member of the Boardroom, you will get:

  • Message Vault: The vault is filled with how-to videos that are transcribed and searchable to help you successfully navigate the toughest workplace situations.
  • Scheduled Office Hours: Scheduled hours are for group Q&A, where Melissa will answer live or pre-submitted questions and conduct on-demand consulting.
  • Copy Bible Course & Downloadable Files: The Copy Bible shows you how to build your mission and vision statement, elevator speech, resume, LinkedIn profile, board biography, and more.
  • Talking Points: Melissa’s talking points help you author polished responses for every critical and controversial topic in your business life, “right-way” rewrites for statements you may already have.

Even If… The Boardroom Is Still For You

  • Even if you don't consider yourself a leader, let alone a CEO…
  • Even if you don’t think you have any confidence to exude…
  • Even if you failed every public speaking class you’ve ever taken…
  • And even if you’ve never defused a single conflict in all your life…

Ready for online leadership coaching?

How Can Professional Development Coaching Help You?

The Boardroom is a digital version of the coaching services and retainer services Melissa offers, which are available at a self-paced and self-taught consumption. This course is designed to help middle managers, high performers, and those with advanced degrees receive guidance and coaching for any obstacle in their career:

  • Bad relationship with your boss or management team
  • How to navigate the “mind games” of the business world
  • Negotiate a promotion
  • How to show up to meetings and show your best self
  • Promotions, now what do you do?

Consider this a boardroom masterclass for the real boardroom, and set yourself up to elevate your career!

Looking for one-on-one consulting services?

Melissa offers a variety of consulting services starting from one-hour speaking engagements to 24/7 access retainers. Services include group leadership training programs, leadership guest speaking, and one-on-one executive coaching.

Melissa, Your Leadership Training Coach

Melissa DeLay is a speaker, author, and award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception.

With more than two decades of strategic and corporate communication experience–including consulting for entities such as Ameriprise Financial and the state of Minnesota, as well as holding senior positions with 3M, Carlson Companies, Maytag, and AmeriPride–she knows how to deliver the right words, in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement, and build a stronger brand.

Melissa served as crisis communications manager for a global manufacturer following a damaging media expose. In less than six days, she prevented products from being pulled from a billion-dollar retailer’s shelves, avoided a Customs investigation, and restored their reputation with employees, customers, and the public.