Disney’s customer service is more than a fantasy

Disney’s customer service is more than a fantasy

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Last week, I had the distinct privilege of taking my two children on our first-ever Disney cruise.

For seven glorious nights, we sailed through the western Caribbean on a ship called the Fantasy, swimming with dolphins, participating in family game shows and singing more Taylor Swift karaoke songs than anyone would ever want to hear again.

I have no doubt I will forever count this vacation as one of the best of my life.

And it wasn’t just the time away from work, the picturesque memories or the gift I know my children will never forget. There was something else.

I had the chance to experience, first-hand, what everyone who recommended the cruise had been raving about: the Disney staff’s spectacular customer service.

I often encourage my clients to focus heavily on their customer service – specifically how to communicate in times of trouble – but I must admit, in today’s marketplace, it seems to be a bit of lost art.

Companies just don’t view the customer as king anymore.  

Well that’s simply not the case at Disney. And we should all take a cue from this magical brand and its employees.  

Here’s how Disney made quality service happen during key touchpoints:

Everybody knows your name: From our stateroom attendant to our wait staff, it was just like an old episode of Cheers.

Problems are solved immediately: Such as when I accidently took a few too many seasick pills. Whoops! (Luckily, the consequence was just a long nap.)

Communication is clear and simple: From how to get on and off the ship, to when and where to eat and what shows to attend, the staff cheerfully ensured that we always knew what to do.

Guests get non-stop attention: What a thrill to have our room made up multiple times a day. We’d return to find our clothes folded, and that the staff had created ninja towel animals and left other little gifts.

Conflicts are resolved almost before they occur: During a Broadway-themed show, I noticed two families, one with a screaming toddler, who were on the verge of an argument. Within seconds, a Disney staff member appeared seemingly out of nowhere and quickly diffused the situation.
This family cruise was more than simply a nice break. It was refreshing. Disney knows how to make each guest feel special. We felt valued. All of which makes me want to do business with them again. In fact, I am already booking our next cruise.

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