How your copy bible can help you get ahead

For some of us, it never gets easier talking about ourselves in a professional setting. That’s why I developed the concept of ‘copy bibles’. This essential business tool is meant to be all about you, and how to best market yourself to better get ahead. They’re full of pre-crafted messages about you for you to use online, in person, and over the telephone to promote you.

If you don’t have one, you need to get one.

Not only do copy bibles save you time and help you to never again be at a loss for words, they turn ordinary people into your personal brand ambassadors. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and skills with others in a meaningful and engaging way creates an impact. The ones who get to hear it will always be eager to hear from you and share your story when they get the chance.

Times have changed when it comes to professional communication. Sharing a business card after a bland introduction just isn’t helpful or memorable anymore. It doesn’t distinguish you from the competition, it doesn’t paint a picture of who you are, and it certainly doesn’t get the whole message across. If you want results, you need a modern approach to personal branding. You need a copy bible.

I often cover this topic when I present at conferences or workshops. During this interactive session, participants learn how to craft every element of their copy bible. From what to say upon first meeting someone to how to craft their LinkedIn headline, participants walk away with a communication tool guaranteed to help them:

  • Always come from a position of power.
  • Determine in less than 90 seconds if you’re talking to a prospect.
  • Influence positive perceptions regardless of the situation.
  • Close even the most complex deals in the first meeting.

I want to help you say the right things the right way, so you can get to where you want to be.
Email, call me at 763-670-6701, connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact me via my website to schedule your copy bible session.

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