The four elements of your copy bible

The four elements of your copy bible

Since my appearance on KARE 11, people have been begging me for more information on copy bibles. Who needs one? How do you create one? What should it contain? These are just a few of the questions I’ve received. Quite simply, copy bibles are a must for every business professional. They guarantee a memorable first impression, help you maintain a positive reputation, build your communication confidence and help you get what you want.

The elements of your copy bible

Copy bibles are precrafted messages about you for you to use online, in person and over the telephone to promote you. Their primary elements include your mission, vision, elevator speech and polished responses to critical and controversial topics in your business or life.   

  1. Your mission statement explains how the world would suffer if you didn’t exist. It should inspire others to take action, e.g., select your services, seek employment, talk positively about you.
  2. Your vision statement describes where you’re going and what you’re going to achieve. It should be compelling, aspirational and measurable.
  3. Your elevator speech should clearly articulate in short phrases what it is that you do, and how others can benefit from knowing and working with you. It should include proof points or evidence that you can accomplish what you say you can.
  4. Your polished responses help you manage uncomfortable situations, such as making a mistake, letting someone go or raising prices. They also help you take advantage of opportunities, such as securing meetings, closing sales and motivating your team.

Crafting your copy bible

The end of the year is a great time to invest in yourself and begin crafting a copy bible. Begin by writing what is true for you. Use everyday, common language without any buzz words. Most people set aside an afternoon to write the first three basic elements. It’s important to revisit this content regularly to keep it up to date.

Your polished responses will take more time. Keep in mind your copy bible should always tell the truth and cast others in a favorable light. Be clear on the problems you experience and how you solve them. When crafting responses to difficult situations, be sure to take into account both sides of the story.

Before you act …

My clients find their copy bibles indispensable. Their paper copies may get tattered and dog-eared by the end of the year.  I suggest keeping a digital copy on your desktop, ready for that next email or phone call.

If you’re a senior leader or rising sales professional, getting a critical review of your copy bible is an especially smart business investment. You need your words to work for you, not against you. I can review your copy bible, or even write it for you if you need more assistance. I’ll ensure your mission, vision and elevator speech have clarity and impact, and that they are portraying you in the best possible light. A few small word changes can turn a humdrum elevator speech into one that’s unforgettable.

I’ll also make sure your polished responses protect your reputation regardless of the situation. Insiders are often too close to craft mutually satisfying responses, which is why an outside review is so important. To get started, email, call me at 763-670-6701 or send me a note via my website.

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