I had a revelation … and it’s going to benefit you

I had a revelation … and it’s going to benefit you

It’s good to share. That’s something I tell my kids as well as my clients. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’m always providing the precise words to say to manage challenging business situations. Many people think I’m crazy to give away so many tips, but it’s been my life’s mission to rekindle the use of positive, truthful and respectful workplace language. I’ve experienced the ability it has to boost bottom lines, dissolve conflict and save tarnished reputations. I also know I can’t personally help everyone. That’s why this blog has been the next best way for me to share my gifts far and wide.

And then this spring I had a revelation: I need a book.

Sure, it’s crossed my mind before. But this spring I was driven to write a book and get it published. And, I did. In fact as you’re reading this, my book is being printed.

“The Truth About Scandal: The everyday guide to navigating business crises” will be available this September.

I’ve held nothing back in this book. I used tons of real-life examples, gleaned from my decades as a corporate communication strategist. I provide readers with the exact words to use to manage challenging situations without destroying their reputations. Topics include: how to deal with haters on social media; how to avoid being controlled by skeletons in your closet; and how to overcome generational differences that are creating conflict in the workplace; and many, many more.




I poured my heart and soul into this book. It took every minute of my day to put this baby together while managing my speaking engagements, clients and, of course, my family. And now that it’s nearly out, I’m looking to celebrate. I’ll be hosting an interactive book launch party on Thursday, September 20th. Regardless of your location, save the date on your calendar. You won’t want to miss this.

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