Seven office habits that can spoil your reputation

Seven office habits that can spoil your reputation

Leaders are supposed to engage and inspire people. But sometimes they come off as jerks. Most don’t do it on purpose. Often they have a lot on their plates and are just trying to get it all done.

Don’t let a quest for efficiency spoil your reputation. When your employees and colleagues stop respecting you, engagement and productivity plummet. This may lead to missed deadlines and costly employee turnovers.

Maintain your stellar image by avoiding these seven reputation-busters:

  1. Habitually canceling or rescheduling meetings with team members.
  2. Texting or emailing in meetings or while talking to someone.
  3. Using crude or foul language.
  4. Blaming someone or something else for mistakes.
  5. Regularly having spelling or grammar errors in emails or reports.
  6. Being late to meetings and/or requiring topics or decisions to be revisited.
  7. Interrupting others or taking credit for their ideas.

We’re all human. It’s okay to slip up once in awhile. But remember: Your team is far more likely to help you achieve your goals in an environment of mutual respect. Remember, actions always speak louder than words.

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