Why you shouldn’t let others define you

Why you shouldn’t let others define you

Why you shouldn't let others define you

When my daughter was about six years old, I witnessed a communication dilemma that had the power to negatively affect her life forever. So, I put a stop to it.

Here’s what happened:

Every time she and I would encounter a stranger or an acquaintance out in public, she would withdraw. No matter how much they coaxed and praised her, she wasn’t willing to talk and wouldn’t agree to high fives or hugs.

The people we were with would simply laugh and tell her, “It’s okay. You’re shy.”

Even though I knew these people meant well, I didn’t want my daughter’s identity (or personal brand) being shaped by anything other than strength.

So, I always proclaimed the following: “No, she’s not shy. She’s reserved. She waits to see if the people she encounters can be trusted or not. This is very wise.”

My public affirmations not only increased my daughter’s confidence, but also gave her permission to be exactly who she is, without compromising her beliefs or trying to please others.

It’s hard to own your personal brand when others try to define you.

Words are powerful. They can build us up or tear us down.

When we’re hit with especially negative words, we tend to either strike back with indiscriminate force or sneak away to nurse our wounds in private. Unfortunately, neither of these reactions presents us in a positive light. They may even damage your reputation and career.

How we respond to assaults and manage our reactions to stressful situations makes a world of difference — to us and our reputation.

That’s why every professional who cares about his or her personal identity should invest in a copy bible. These precrafted messages build and protect your personal brand. You can use them online, in person and over the telephone to promote your strengths.

With a copy bible, you’ll …

  • Always come from a position of power.
  • Influence positive perceptions regardless of the situation.  
  • Communicate with confidence, regardless of the situation.
  • Have the precise language to deal with any kind of ambush, personal attack or controversial issue.
  • Determine in less than 90 seconds if you’re talking to a prospect.
  • Close even the most complex deals in the first meeting.

Schedule a Copy Bible Kick Start
Whether you’re a business owner, rising professional or seasoned executive, you’ll love this 90-minute private coaching session. We’ll perfect your elevator speech and proof points, and clarify what differentiates you from others.

You’ll walk away with a persuasive brand story that resonates with your employers, employees and customers. 

Let’s get started.

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