Why I Wrote “The Truth About Scandal”

Why I Wrote “The Truth About Scandal”

Image of Melissa DeLay at the launch party for her book "The Truth About Scandal"

Sticky situations crop up daily across corporate America. Add in our never-ending 24-hour news cycle and the perennial risk of disgruntled employees airing out dirty laundry to their scandal-thirsty followers, and you’ve nailed the everyday worries of modern corporate leaders.

That’s exactly why I wrote The Truth About Scandal. In our increasingly eagle-eyed society, where everyone’s every move is either being broadcast or tweeted about, it’s more important than ever to know how to respond to the public, media, and your own employees in high pressure situations.

The problem is, many leaders don’t realize this until it’s too late. Or worse—they craft a dodgy response that throws even more fuel on their fire, resulting in loss of customers, public trust, and even good employees.

My vision in writing The Truth About Scandal was to re-establish a modern communications ethic for businesses and corporations. In 2018, it has never been more important in the history of business to have a smart and thorough crisis communications bible.

Why Every Business Needs a Communications Bible 

Image of the Truth About Scandal book cover
“The Truth About Scandal” is out now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The average corporate leader often believes they’re at the mercy of their circumstances when it comes to crises. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Employee tweets something nasty about the CEO? Internal email communications being posted to Facebook? Harassment accusations leaked to the press?

You can still come from a position of power and influence others while managing any crisis, even in the most difficult and sensitive situations.

I know this because I’ve been discreetly helping executives survive crises of all shapes and sizes for two decades.  

I want leaders and executives to know what to say so that they can avoid scandal and controversy, and writing this book enables me to help as many people as possible by sharing the exact words to use to diffuse a number of commonly difficult situations.

From sexual harassment to sabotage and dealing with haters, it’s all in there with real examples and texts you can use to rise above scandal and get back to what you do best.

Whether you’re a CEO of multi-million dollar corporation or a small business owner, The Truth About Scandal will finally help you get your communication house in order so you’ll never be caught off guard again.

You can order your hard copy or ebook on Amazon and Barnes and Noble today.

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