Can Trump learn new tricks?

I have sifted through scores of quotes from Donald Trump’s campaign.  They’re laced with emotionally charged words: ugly, fat, disgusting, crooked and nasty, to name a few. They’re also rife

4 tips for writing better messages

One of the most common issues many executives experience is writing anxiety. Regardless of their background, credentials or status, they all freeze when it comes to nailing the perfect message.

What to say when things go wrong?

The bad news: Crises happen. The good news: About 80 percent of the issues and objections that people can throw at you in any given business crisis can be foreseen. That’s what

How to be a gold-medal communicator

Let’s face it: Behind every great athlete is a great coach, a dedicated professional who helps them perfect their God-given abilities. As a coach, I help clients hone their effective