The right words can work magic

Your business strategy needs to leverage advanced communication techniques — the lifeblood of selling. If you’re not already focused on fine-tuning what you say and how you say it, it’s

A TruPerception thank you

All day, I’ve been fielding texts and emails from those who attended TruPerception’s 5th anniversary party last night. Everyone had a blast touring my new office, sharing laughs and making

Today’s Workplace: How Bad Is It?

To a meaningful extent, corporate cultures are suffering the ill effects of today’s rampant negativity. As another respondent expressed it: “I am fortunate to work where there is a culture

You Can’t Rush Success

The worst thing you can do in a marathon is to go out too fast. I should know. As a five-time marathon runner, I’ve done it too many times. The

Purple & Its Perceptions

Nothing matters more than reputation. How people perceive you is the rhythm of life. Get it right, and you’ll bask in harmonious delight. Get it wrong, and you’ll forever be