Time to Call in a Coach?

Time to Call in a Coach?

We all have one in our lives: a coworker, friend or family member who speaks in a way that rubs us wrong. Or, even worse, a boss that’s prone to gossip, crude language or verbal mudslinging.

In most of these cases, it may not be the offending party’s fault. It’s just that he or she has not had the benefit of communication coaching.

Unfortunately, when the opportunity comes along to get help, few take advantage of it.

Here’s why: By our teens, we feel we’ve mastered the English language and, consequently, the art of communication. That’s why it’s difficult later in life for professionals to raise their hand and say, “I need help communicating.”

The truth is, the majority of people make simple mistakes about word choice, tone and voice in almost every written interaction. So, even if you manage to avoid the worst communication mistakes, you’re still denying yourself the full potential of a tool that’s essential for positive outcomes.

That’s why I developed a coaching model to address the major communication culprits. My tips on dealing with some of these pitfalls have appeared in past editions of Spill the Truth. For example:

  • Avoid generic compliments; be specific about how the individual contributions of your employees impact the bigger company picture.
  • Set clear expectations with clients before you begin a project and regularly reinforce that message as part of the action plan.
  • Communicate bad news in person—not via email.
  • Speak favorably (or at least neutrally) about yourself and others.
  • Practice the art of diplomacy when times are good, so the right words roll off your tongue in high-pressure situations.

Tactics like these work. Unfortunately, you’re still missing out if you haven’t had the benefit of one-on-one professional coaching.

You see, there is a science behind what to say and how to say it to get exactly the results you want. And that science informs every aspect of my Six-Week Private Coaching program.

I can show you how to lead from a position of power, enhance your image and be taken more seriously—no matter who or what you’re dealing with!

And the best news is that now, for a limited time, this coaching is available to you for 50% OFF my standard rates.

Consider this . . .

When we need legal help, we call an attorney. When we need financial advice, we call an accountant. But when we need help communicating, we phone a friend, talk to a colleague . . . or go it alone. And that’s where you do yourself a disservice.

Well, I say break that cycle today. Learn how to achieve more rewarding results, professionally and personally . . . with coaching.

For more details on the many benefits of my Six-Week Private Coaching program—and to get in on the special offer, which saves you over 50%click here.

There are only 15 11 spots available, so hurry! This offer ends March 22nd.

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