The four elements of your copy bible

Quite simply, copy bibles are a must for every business professional. They guarantee a memorable first impression, help you maintain a positive reputation, build your communication confidence and help you get what you want.

Can Trump learn new tricks?

I have sifted through scores of quotes from Donald Trump’s campaign.  They’re laced with emotionally charged words: ugly, fat, disgusting, crooked and nasty, to name a few. They’re also rife

The right words can work magic

Your business strategy needs to leverage advanced communication techniques — the lifeblood of selling. If you’re not already focused on fine-tuning what you say and how you say it, it’s

A TruPerception thank you

All day, I’ve been fielding texts and emails from those who attended TruPerception’s 5th anniversary party last night. Everyone had a blast touring my new office, sharing laughs and making