A TruPerception thank you

A TruPerception thank you

A TruPerception thank you

All day, I’ve been fielding texts and emails from those who attended TruPerception’s 5th anniversary party last night.

Everyone had a blast touring my new office, sharing laughs and making friends.   

The best part was my interactive quiz entitled, “What would the Message Maven tell you to say?”

A friendly competition among guests ensued to see who could score 100% on the quiz. There was a little good-natured cheating and lots of fun.

The quiz question that stirred the most debate was this:
“You suddenly find yourself dealing with a crisis-in-the-making. How do you handle questions from employees, stakeholders and the media?”

And of course, the topic of email subject lines surfaced, as it always does.

It was a wonderful night, and I couldn’t be happier to have achieved this milestone.

Thank you to everyone who attended in person and in spirit. It is because of you that my company, TruPerception, celebrated five glorious years in business.

Watch for next week’s edition of Spill the Truth where I will share more on my exciting, new venture launching this fall.


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