Did your words help you or hurt you?

Did your words help you or hurt you?

Did your words help you or hurt you

So you didn’t get that big promotion. Or perhaps that juicy contract never closed. Or maybe your co-workers are fuming about a challenge you just explained. During times like this, you may be replaying the conversation in your head. Did your choice of words help you or were they the reason the situation didn’t end the way you had hoped?

I can help you stop the second guessing. With my guidance, you can communicate clearly and confidently regardless of the situation. Through my personal coaching, I’ve helped executives and senior leaders at major corporations become powerful communicators. And now that I’m in my new downtown Minneapolis office, I’m ready to offer my top tips to even more professionals.

Introducing my fall workshop series:

Good ways to say everything …

                            and how to make your words work for you

During the workshop, you will discover the secrets I have used over the last 17 years to help my private clients communicate with confidence and create the best possible outcome. You’ll learn how to present yourself in the very best light; how to navigate difficult situations with ease; how to protect and manage your reputation; and more.

Due to demand—my last workshop session sold out immediately—I’m offering two fall sessions. Spend three lunch hours with me this fall, and you’ll walk away a more confident and effective communicator.

Reserve your spot now.


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