Three reasons why you need to brush up on your communication skills

Three reasons why you need to brush up on your communication skills

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Effective business communication is vital. Nearly every interaction we have at the office involves words, either written or spoken. Choosing the right ones is the single greatest factor in improving results, such as securing a meeting, closing a sale, diffusing a crisis or making a positive first impression.

Yet many professionals, especially those with a natural aptitude for communications, neglect developing their communication skills throughout their careers.

That’s a mistake. I suggest professionals continue to hone their communication skills, just as they further develop their technical skills. Here’s why.

  1. When you master the strategic power of words, you become more confident, powerful and valuable. Effective communicators can quickly build rapport with others, which helps build partnerships and close sales.
  2. You can’t afford to say the wrong thing. One misguided, poorly stated tweet or email can tarnish your reputation or slow your career.
  3. Your intuition is usually wrong. It’s an unfortunate human tendency. Too often, we shout when we need to stay calm. Or, skirt around the message when we need to be direct. I’ve discovered that the proper communication methods are rarely modeled. In fact, in many industries, the communication bar has been set too low.

Professionals who invest in their communication skills stand out from the crowd. Through the right use of words, they can quickly earn respect and trust from others, and handle difficult situations with ease. This makes them much more valuable and influential.

Interested in sharpening your communication skills? Consider private coaching.

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