The Wrong Question To Ask

At a networking event or a business luncheon, we usually get the gist of how we’re supposed to talk about ourselves. Or so we think. When prompted with “Tell me

Little Lies Are A Big Mistake

The fact is, bad news exists; there’s no way around it. People lose jobs, prospects choose competitors, projects hit roadblocks, and corporate structures change. Sugarcoating the facts, dodging phone calls,

Letting Leaders Fail

During the course of an active career, we encounter numerous situations where we need to stand our ground in order to be taken seriously for any type of advancement. Like

The Language of Love

If you haven’t read “The 5 Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman, you should. It is one of my all-time favorite books. In it, Dr. Chapman outlines five ways to

Here’s How to Say it Right

Everywhere you look these days, we’re bombarded by dismally poor communications. Hell in a handbasket? Not quite. But it does seem that growing legions of people don’t think about how

4 Ways to Inspire Confidence

Confidence can be tricky. We have it in spades after we’ve achieved a major milestone, but often can’t find a lick of it when we need it most—before we step

Count your blessings!

The best way to combat the blues is to focus on the joy in your life, personally and professionally. Because things you invest positive energy in—through thoughts, words and action—will

6 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation

When people ask what can hurt their reputation, I point out that they’d be better off asking how they can ensure that people see them in a positive light. And