Count your blessings!

Count your blessings!

Count your blessings!

The best way to combat the blues is to focus on the joy in your life, personally and professionally. Because things you invest positive energy in—through thoughts, words and action—will thrive.

On the flip side: When your thoughts and actions are in conflict, you up the odds of making decisions you’ll regret.

Here are some ways to keep all aspects of your life in alignment . . . and boost your blessings in the bargain:

  • Look for the good. Whenever you find yourself griping about someone, shift gears immediately. Choose to see every positive trait he or she possesses, make a mental list of all the things that person has done for you and vow to focus on the good from that moment on.
  • Rise above the bad. If your boss or a colleague likes to attack you, listen closely to what they say about you and latch on to anything that’s neutral or positive—and relish it. And when you sense they’re about to vent, try to move away from them, change the subject or, at the very least, zone out.
  • Think grateful thoughts. Mentally flip any slight into a compliment. In other words, take what was said and translate it into a decisively positive thought. For instance, if one person says you’re a loser, think of someone who considers you a winner.

Now that you’re thinking positively, I hope you give yourself credit for the fact that there are many people who are thankful you’re in their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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