The best part of staying connected

The best part of staying connected

The email’s subject line first caught my eye: “Thank you is not enough …” A quick glance at the sender and a smile swept across my face. The email, from MB2MB Magazine & Guide publisher Jackie Menne, included this feature article about me. The article is also in the magazine’s January 2018 edition.

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I first met Jackie nearly seven years ago when renting office space. I’ve always supported her work, and she’s done the same for me.

Staying connected with colleagues is important. In this age of social media and digital communication, it’s easier to do than ever before. But even more important than the regularity of your emails and LinkedIn posts is the message inside.

If you communicate with integrity, authenticity and positivity, your colleagues will always be among your biggest supporters.

Of course, I can’t promise that the right language and attitude will reap benefits such as this glowing article. But I regularly tell my coaching clients that communication is the key to a powerful personal brand, impenetrable reputation and dedicated following.

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