How to be a gold-medal communicator

How to be a gold-medal communicator

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Let’s face it: Behind every great athlete is a great coach, a dedicated professional who helps them perfect their God-given abilities.

As a coach, I help clients hone their effective communication skills. Why? Because when you master the strategic power of words you become more confident, powerful and valuable.

Too often, professionals neglect to develop their communications skills throughout their careers. They don’t give it the same attention as their technical skills. That’s a mistake. Let me explain:

  1. Every interaction we have involves words. Choosing the right ones is the single greatest factor in improving results, such as getting a meeting, closing a sale, diffusing a crisis or making a positive impression.
  2. Our intuition is usually wrong. We think we need to shout when we really need to stay calm.  
  3. You can’t afford to say the wrong thing. One misguided, poorly stated tweet can ruin a reputation.
  4. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Even with the best coaching money can buy, no one ever made it to the winners’ podium without putting their hearts and souls into the game.
  5. The right behaviors aren’t being modeled for us. In many industries, the communications bar has been set too low. Those who can communicate well stand out and become more valuable.

If it’s time to develop your communication skills, consider private coaching. You’ll gain access to tried-and-true tips, techniques and exercises which will transform you into a respected communicator. This is not a passive exchange of ideas. I’ll put you through the paces to ensure that you will see immediate results.

And unlike other programs, clients learn that the most effective messages demand authenticity. Indeed, staying true to one’s core values is the foundation of my approach to coaching.

Most important, my program works because my coaching clients and I share this goal: to strive to be our gold-medal best.

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