Nothing is more important than preserving the good name and relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. But sooner or later, a crisis may arise that threatens both. And it’s during those times that crafting the right messages is critical.

Given my 17 years inside the boardrooms of some of America’s most powerful companies, there’s no business situation I haven’t encountered. And I want to use that experience to help you resolve the conflicts you’re facing.

Simply provide me with the facts, and not only will I give you the precise language to use, I’ll even tell you how to best deliver it. It’s that easy.


By our teens, we feel we’ve mastered the English language and, consequently, the art of communication. That’s why it’s difficult later in life for professionals to raise their hand and say, “I need help communicating.”

The truth is, the majority of people make simple mistakes about word choice, tone and voice in almost every interaction. So even if you manage to avoid the worst communication mistakes, you’re still denying yourself the full potential of a tool that’s essential for positive outcomes.

That’s why I built a coaching model to address the major communication culprits.


Become a more effective and powerful communicator by attending a TruPerception workshop. You’ll gain career-boosting business communication skills which will help you network with ease, close more sales and communicate with confidence regardless of the situation. You’ll be better equipped to resolve conflict and protect your reputation.

Bring the Message Maven to your next conference, corporate meeting or retreat. Melissa can present a customized program for your group.


To sell well with email, you have to grab your reader’s interest about what you’re offering, which brings me to the worst subject line of all time: “Following Up.” Why is it so bad? Because it’s so over used and crushingly generic that it’s a sales killer! It discourages your intended reader from opening the email because they can’t easily tell how you can help them. Want to know how to write emails they’ll read and act on? Here’s your answer.

Tap the power of positive messaging to successfully navigate through even the toughest situations.

Learn how to communicate during a crisis without damaging your good name, your brand or your relationships.

Use this user-friendly guide to easily manage a bad boss or misbehaving clients. You’ll wish you’d found it sooner! (Coming soon!)