Today’s Workplace: How Bad Is It?

Today’s Workplace: How Bad Is It?

To a meaningful extent, corporate cultures are suffering the ill effects of today’s rampant negativity.

As another respondent expressed it: “I am fortunate to work where there is a culture of respect and inclusiveness. Sadly, it’s not that way everywhere. Businesses wonder why they can’t retain employees, or hire new ones, because they are blind to what is going on in the workplace.”

Here are the key findings, presented as percentages of participants:

Responses reflect behaviors experienced by respondents in the “last year.”

  • 40% had bad things said about them (16 times)
  • 36% were made to look bad (110 times)
  • 32% heard or saw someone make an obscene comment or gesture (110 times)
  • 24% were on the receiving end of an ethical, racial, religious or offensive slur (16 times)
  • 20% got in trouble because someone lied about them (1more than 10 times)
  • 16% had their work sabotaged (16 times in the last year
  • 16% were cursed at (1more than 10 times)

On a brighter note: Not a single respondent has been threatened with physical harm.


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