Count your blessings!

The best way to combat the blues is to focus on the joy in your life, personally and professionally. Because things you invest positive energy in—through thoughts, words and action—will

How to make tough talks easy

Whenever I speak to groups about how to deliver bad news or navigate tough conversations, there are two communication techniques I share.   The first is how to craft smart,

Why I hate FAQs

I don’t know who first came up with the idea of FAQs, but I have a feeling it was someone who didn’t know how to communicate effectively. Why? Because if

The One Main Mistake Leaders Make

In the 16 years I’ve been helping leaders achieve business success, I’ve learned that the one mistake many well-intentioned leaders make is believing that acting like a drill sergeant can

Spill the Truth: Words that truly sell

Ask your typical marketing professional which words truly sell and you’ll get all kinds of answers. They’ll talk about value propositions, brand promises, SEO, proof points and more. They’ll also