Spill the Truth: Four simple steps to getting exactly what you want

Spill the Truth: Four simple steps to getting exactly what you want

Write a killer resume

Here’s the thing about people: We often let ourselves think we’re at their mercy, but we’re not. To influence their behavior all you have to do is break through, be seen and get heard.

For starters, the when, how and what you communicate absolutely matters. So follow these fail-proof steps and you’ll be well on your way to getting exactly what you want:

  1. Establish proof points. Impress your prospect not with what you do, but with what you can do for them. For example, if you “design, develop and implement leadership development programs” your proof point might read like this: “I shape company direction, having trained more than 20 Fortune 500 executives on how to influence brand awareness, strengthen perceptions and change behaviors.”
  2. Fine-tune your story. The less you know about a prospect, the shorter your story should be. Your goal is to quickly establish credibility, demonstrate your ability to improve their situation and get a meeting on the calendar.
  3. Plan for the worst—expect the best. If you haven’t heard back from a prospect, don’t assume that they’re not interested. As soon as you’ve made contact, craft at least four emails you can use to move them through the sales cycle. Sure, things can go sour. But pipedreams do come true, so think positively.
  4. Be relentless. Even when it seems a prospect or client has gone cold, keep up the pursuit. Participate in events they’re attending, share industry news and stop by to hand deliver proposals or gifts. Do whatever it takes to maintain contact.

You need to wage a multi-pronged campaign to get people to act in your favor. But use well-written emails as your main course of action. It’s what business professionals prefer.

Before you act …

Take time now to craft email templates that you can easily customize for a specific prospect or client. Don’t wait until you’re in a win/lose situation and at a loss for words.

Need help? Provide me with the facts, and I’ll write an email message for you → http://truperception.wpengine.com/message-writing/

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