Spill the Truth: How to fight workplace word wars

I remember the first time I thought my diplomatic gifts could get me out of a jam. I was a teenager caught in the middle of a brawl between a friend of mine and a stranger in a back alley of Ottumwa, Iowa. Both young men were reckless, fierce and hell-bent on destruction. I tried to intervene with reason, empathy and humor, but the violence escalated.

Spill the Truth: Negotiate the outcomes you want

Whether you’re negotiating million-dollar deals—or an extra inch of cube space—you need the presence of mind and bullet-proof tactics to make a winning case. There is definitely an art to successfully negotiating your way to a successful outcome. Diplomats practice it every day. Thankfully, it’s one we can all learn to use to our advantage.

Spill the Truth: Don’t let negativity get you down

I recently had the pleasure of hearing two young, up-and-coming women co-present at a business conference in the Twin Cities. During their talk, one of them made reference to an insult they received after being rewarded a large grant. The demeaning comment went something like this: “Nowadays, all it takes to get promoted is a short skirt and bright red lipstick.”