Wish you had a ghostwriter?

You don’t have to go door-to-door or make cold calls to be in sales. In fact, I learned a long time ago that there’s no such thing as a strictly informational message. Everything we do and say boils down to the desire to persuade.

But if you’ve never had the benefit of communication coaching, landing on the best thing to say to unresponsive prospects, difficult vendors and demanding clients can seem impossible.

That’s why you need your very own behind-the-scenes ghostwriter!

From responding to customer complaints and negotiating contracts, to terminating employees and turning down work, you need clear messages that get heard and protect your reputation.

Simply provide me with the facts, and I’ll provide you with:

  • A 250-word message customized to meet your needs
  • Up to two round of edits
  • Quick answers to your follow-up questions

Not sure if ghostwriting is what you need? Schedule a time to chat with Melissa!