A TruPerception workshop will equip your team with the tools needed to resolve conflicts, work collaboratively and protect your company’s reputation.

I’ll start with an introduction to my proven communication strategies, refined from more than 18 years of helping leaders at world-class companies such as 3M and Carlson. Then, I’ll tackle the challenges unique to your group. Participants will learn the exact steps to take and the precise words to use to navigate any situation with ease.

The Message Maven will show your team how to:

Manage the everyday crises with ease

Craft smart, influential messages on-the-fly

Control ambushes, difficult coworkers and client conflicts

I’ll work with you to create a program unique to your group’s needs, such as:
  • Handling High-Pressure Moments with Tact and Objectivity
  • Negotiating Without Fear or Guilt
  • Knowing How to Ask for Almost Anything and Get a YES Most of the Time
  • Positioning Yourself and Your Team as Credible in All Circumstances
  • Promoting Positive Perceptions When Errors Occur or Deadlines are Missed
  • Telling a Client or Stakeholder No
  • Encouraging a Negligent Client or Stakeholder to do Their Part
  • Diffusing Conflict and Sidestepping Ambushes or Finger Pointing
  • Being as Transparent as Possible About the Things You Can’t Say
  • Choosing the Best Language to Authentically Express Care and Concern
  • Avoiding Words that Drive Others to Ignore You