A HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa DeLay!This morning I purchased her new ‘Smart Mail’ product. With the information from Day One, I crafted an email to a potential client. I have been waiting to hear back from them for months, and within 10 minutes they responded with questions about MORE services from us.Unbelievable. Instant ROI.– Tena Pettis, Owner/Director, Tenacious Social+Design


Today, more business than ever before is conducted using email. In fact, research indicates that 30 billion legitimate business emails are sent every day. Professionals who recognize the power of email and use it as a strategic business tool are gaining significant results. The trouble is, you may be battling an audience full of unresponsive prospects, crabby coworkers, difficult-to-manage vendors and demanding clients.

Melissa Delay - Smart Mail

Hi, I’m Melissa DeLay, aka the Message Maven, and I will show you how to tap the power of email for achieving business results.

I have helped hundreds of sales professionals manage their reputations including leaders at 3M, Best Buy, Ameriprise Financial, Carlson Companies and the State of Minnesota. These sales professionals rely heavily on me to help them land impressive accounts, avoid lawsuits, boost client retention and create loyal brand ambassadors. Now I am making my proven, easy to follow SmartMail program available to YOU in the privacy of your own space. With my practical advice on selecting and conveying the right words and tone, anyone can be better at selling, improving perceptions and inspiring action through email.
staceyMelissa is absolutely FABULOUS.If you want to know how to navigate the most dreadful conversations and come out looking like a hero, you should definitely be working with her.– Stacey Stratton, CEO at True Talent Group


With SmartMail, you will be able to:


  • Communicate powerfully
  • Know what to say to get the result you want
  • Build your professional network
  • Convert a higher percentage of prospective clients into paying clients
  • Retain your clients longer
  • Get more referrals
  • Know exactly how to handle tough situations

And your personal relationships will be positively impacted as well!

If it feels impossible to know how to say no, avoid an abrasive tone and clearly communicate boundaries, there is hope. In fact, you’re about to discover one easy way to get your prospects to take action, get the most out of your vendor relationships, gain agreement from your coworkers and business partners and help your clients be more compliant and happier with the service you provide them.

You may think you’ve tried it all, when it comes to improving your email interactions. But you have probably never had step-by-step guidance like this before.

This is not another book to add to your shelf. It’s not some cumbersome, overwhelming system. In fact, the tips I have for you are so easy to implement, you will wish you had access to them years ago.

Imagine this…You know how it feels when tragedy strikes? You get that email, the one from your most-valued customer complaining about a missed deadline or refusing to pay an invoice. You end up feeling awful, spending hours agonizing over how to respond. Hoping for the best, you send the email, only to find yourself awake at 2 in the morning second guessing your every word, wishing you’d sent something else. Well, we’ve all been there… But there is a much better way. And with what I’m about to offer you, you will be able to navigate tough situations with power and ease. You will know what to say to get the best result possible, have better relationships, and in turn, you will have a stronger, healthier, more profitable business. Plus you’ll sleep better at night!


Here’s how it works…

All you need to do is sign up and watch how easy it is to quickly craft influential emails that will help you diffuse a crisis, side step an ambush and establish clear boundaries in every business situation. And I’ve made it easy with actionable instructions, examples and right-way rewrites.

During the 8-week program, you’ll receive short and easy to implement weekly briefs with actionable instructions and examples. Each brief is designed to show you how to sell more, improve perceptions and implement directives through well-crafted, diplomatic emails. Delivered privately via email, each brief includes:

  • sample wrong-way email messages illustrating the topic,
  • an explanation of errors along with a right-way rewrite, plus
  • actionable instructions on how to apply techniques to your own message construction.
Testimonial3Melissa definitely has a way with words! In an instant she shows me how to tackle the most sensitive topics and still promote change in others.I can always count on her to help me gain the highest level of acceptance.- Pete Swanson, Sales Training


Course Outline

Weeks 1-6: Content, Structure and Style

  • See your message from the readers’ perspective in order to create the most compelling content.
  • Get more favorable responses from readers by starting with what’s most important to them.
  • Position yourself as credible with quick, easy tips to ensure proper grammar and spelling.
  • Be as honest and transparent as possible with what you can’t say.
  • Choose the best language to authentically express care and concern.
  • Diffuse conflict and demonstrate diplomacy with powerful transitions.

Weeks 7-8: Subject lines

  • Increase your open rates with powerful subject lines.
  • Avoid words that drive readers to ignore your message.
  • Adapt your language to reach your intended audience.

Bonus Lesson: TONEmdelay_bonus

  • Know why tone in writing is enormously important and how to choose words that best convey your message.
  • Obtain done-for-you scripts that help you convey the same positive tone in writing as in speaking.
  • Exude confidence through your writing and negotiate without fear or guilt.
  • Know how to ask for almost anything and get a YES most of the time!
Implement the tips and best practices of SmartMail and you’ll be taken more seriously, get your message in front of a broader audience, and gain quicker, more consistent action from readers, prospective clients and vendors.


A $299 value, yours for $97

SmartMail represents a $299 value. However, I decided to make it so affordable that you’d have every reason to enroll. I’m making it available to you for $97. But hurry, the special pricing could end at any time.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

My Personal Make-You-Happy Guarantee!

I am so confident that SmartMail is the secret to perception management that I stand by my personal guarantee. If you make a wholehearted effort to use the techniques in this program and don’t see positive results, I’ll refund the entire cost of the program to you.

365-day Guarantee

Take up to 12 months to decide if I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, and I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it’s the last day of the twelfth month.