Script for State Senators to use with Congress

Every American has a right to work and use their talent to support themselves. Despite best intentions, job loss can occur and that’s why our Unemployment Insurance System exists. It’s the temporary income that helps feed families and pay mortgages.

When Americans are out of work and become idle, they may feel dejected. The sooner we can introduce activities that move them towards re-employment, the better. And because we’re everywhere businesses are, we simply match job seekers to those businesses in the quickest, most affordable way.

That coupled with our re-employment services puts more people to work than anyone else, getting everyone back to healthy, self-sustained living.

Last year, 10 million Americans relied on $81 billion in temporary income. And 30 million took advantage of our re-employment services. We made it easier for businesses to thrive by connecting them to the best talent through our job matching and skill training programs.

And there’s so much more we can do, with adequate funding and the freedom to innovate.

Research indicates that for every $1 we spend on unemployed workers, there’s a $2 return on investment in the form of reduced unemployment compensation and increased taxes paid by re-employed workers. Plus, employers’ taxes go down.

We’re asking Congress to support our efforts by providing states with flexibility in how we create processes and measure results.

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Script Excerpt for Leader Communication

Big ideas are hard to image. That is until they become a reality.

And there are no truer realities than THE most sought-after car launch in modern history and a video game maker who tripled their market share by appealing to adults.

Chrysler PT Cruiser was one of the hottest cars to come out of Detroit. When it debuted in 2000, buyers spent up to $4,000 extra just to be on a waiting list to own one. Why?

Well it wasn’t the gas mileage, safety ratings or mechanical reliability—the things people always say they want in car—because they were no better than any other sedan.

So, what made the PT Cruiser so popular?

Simple. It was a big idea…that a car could satisfy an emotional need.

Chrysler knew they couldn’t compete on features. They had to think big, dig deep and get to the heart of what really mattered to car buyers.

You see, when prompted, consumers forget all about performance and cup holders. They spoke of the sense of freedom that came with holding their first set of car keys or the fun times they had with their friends. They reminisced about cars like the 1964 ½ Mustang and the original VW Beetle.

Turns out consumers weren’t looking for safety features. They wanted something distinctive. And the PT Cruiser delivered.

It appealed to what people really wanted in a car rather than what they said they wanted. In fact, if Chrysler had played it safe, listened only to what people said, they would have created another boring, efficient sedan for buyers to yawn at.

Instead they sold 1.3 million, established themselves as a design leader and became one of the only American small cars to be an undisputed hit.

So, how does a video game company turn a big idea into reality? You’d think by becoming more technologically advanced? Not Nintendo.

Their big idea had little to do with technology despite the way competitors were clamoring for such innovations. They chose to go retro…back to the living room…back to family game night.

They created platforms for simple, fun titles to attract “casual gamers” aka moms and dads. While Microsoft and Sony competed on graphics and increasingly sophisticated gameplay, the Wii brought back the pick-up-and-play element to gaming not seen since the 1980s.

Today, the Wii leads the generation over Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in worldwide sales. In fact, Nintendo holds every slot in the top 10 all-time sales charts.

Two big ideas…turned into very tangible, profit-rich realities…that we can now see, touch and experience. But that wasn’t always the case. Once upon a time, they were just big ideas.

Perhaps you’re a believer in big ideas…someone who sees possibilities where no one else can. You might be more of a realist…you believe but only when you see the proof. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle…inspired by big ideas and grounded in process.

Wherever you land, I’ve got great news because by the time we’re finished today you will have a clear picture of exactly how [ABC Company] is going to turn a big idea into a realistic, go-to-market reality.

Email Message for Leader Communication

The 40 [ABC] employees who are assuming these new names—i.e., titles—learned about this change through a personal email from me last week.

Here are the details:

  • Those once known as Division Manager are now Director of Design.
  • Those once known as Team Leader are now Project Executive—Design.

Everyone’s projects, responsibilities and compensation remain intact. However, new business cards, email signatures and bios are in the works.

Clarity is our goal, and these new titles align well with the external market and fit perfectly with our new division structure.

Last week, in [Bob Smith’s] video, he reminded everyone why we created a divisional structure—First, to achieve smooth internal collaboration. Second, to help our customers, who rely on us across the country, receive the same [ABC] experience regardless of location or project team.

I trust you’ll agree these new titles help us do just that.

Talking Points for Leader Communication

As you know, we are nearly finished closing the Georgia plant. Because we’re now down to one location here in Minnesota, I have made the difficult decision to eliminate the Director of HR position, which means that [Jane Smith] will no longer be working here.

[Sarah Jones] will remain as HR Coordinator and can answer any outstanding or future HR questions you might have. You should also feel comfortable talking directly with your manager about any HR related issues.

[Jane Smith] has been with [ABC COMPANY] for 14 years, and we value the contributions she has made. It is because of her work that we implemented the first-ever employee satisfaction survey, which later led to the creation of the advisory council. [Jane Smith] also merged four existing benefit plans into one corporate plan, saving the company money and enhancing benefits to all employees. I’ve personally known [Jane] for 20 years, and this is a difficult decision that impacts all of us who have worked with her.

Change is necessary in business. Now that we’re in growth mode, we will continue to encounter change. We need to be mindful of the marketplace and be ready to change with the needs of the business.

What questions do you have now?

As more questions surface in the next few weeks, please share them with me and with your manager. Our goal is to remain positive, adapt to change and continue delivering outstanding service across the company.

  I’m confident we can do that.

Confirmation Email

Subject line: You’ve joined, now what?

Thank you for joining [ABC]. You’ve made us happier than all our favorite things: laughter, hot coffee and a sunny day.

We aim to deliver so much goodness to you—starting with saving $$$ on your prescriptions.

  • Just like one father of FIVE who saved 75% after finding a lower cost pharmacy in the exact same parking lot as his neighborhood Walgreens.

Check out [] now to see how your pharmacy fares.

Here’s a HINT: Pharmacies in grocery stores SAVE you the MOST.

Key Messages for Leader Communication

If you’re still holding on to unneeded emails, pay close attention because [ABC Company] is ready to implement an email management and retention policy, which impacts all U.S. employees and contractors.

   What this means is beginning June 1, 2019 any email in your inbox that’s older than one year will be automatically  deleted.

Also, any email in your deleted folder will be automatically deleted at the end of each day.

For those of you who have emails that are considered official [ABC Company] record, they may be retained for up to three years.

Any employee that needs to retain an email for legitimate business purpose for longer than three years, you will need to apply through an exception process.

[ABC Company] is rolling out the email retention policy to reduce cost and risk while complying with regulations and industry best practices.

By deleting emails we’re not legally bound to keep, we mitigate risks associated with potential lawsuits. Plus, data storage fees go down and security goes up.

Talking Points to Defuse Controversy Following a Crisis

During my time with the [INSTITUTE 1], we encountered a challenge—one that had legal, moral and ethical implications. It was difficult, but I carved out a path that would address the issues and restore confidence in our future. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with my plan.

When I realized the board planned to go in a direction that no longer aligned with my values, I stepped down.

Nothing is more important to me than continuing my lifelong pursuit of good health. And that’s why I’m leading the critical care campaign at the [INSTITUTE 2]. We’re raising $15 million for the rebuild of the ER department and the build out of the Neuro-Intensive Care unit.

Tell me what’s happening with you at [COMPANY]

Initial Holding Statement for Potential Crisis

My team and I are cooperating fully with local law enforcement and [agency].

For now, I have paused all product orders. If I learn from [agency] that additional compliance steps need to be taken, we will move quickly. In the meantime, I have asked my team to post updates to our website.

My hope is that product orders will resume immediately.

If you’ve worked with us, you know that we act in good faith. We have high safety and quality standards in place and will do whatever it takes to preserve our integrity.