It’s hard to believe what analysts are saying about the job market:
that it’s strong!


Yes, unemployment is down and there are a gazillion job postings out there.


BUT the financial stress amid higher interest rates and inflation is causing
employers to hold off on hiring decisions.


Unfortunately, unless you’ve got an in with a hiring manager, chances are slim
they’re even going to see your resume, let alone read it.


And that makes getting your next job feel nearly impossible.


But there is hope.


And today, I’m going to introduce you to that hope by sharing a new program
designed specifically to help you land a new job in JUST 15 days!


BUILD a compelling cover letter, results-based resume and a gripping Linkedln profile

AUTHOR polishes responses for every interview topic imaginable and ultimately

LAND your next high paying, career changing, perfect-for-you job

Whether you’re brand new to your job search or have been looking for months, revamping your personal brand or trying to switch industries, I’ll show you proven trade secrets and job search techniques to EXPAND your reach, garner a higher salary and overcome seemingly impossible career obstacles.


Session 1:
What is a results-based resume and why build one

Session 2:
How to use LinkedIn to get seen, sought after and HIRED

Session 3:
Exact steps to cold outreach, interview prep and salary negotiations


My 15-day program has become legendary.


It’s here where a small group of job seekers come together and get the hands-on interaction and instruction from a career expert who has proven results.

And it is here where a recent attendee took what she learned completely overhauled her resume, LinkedIn profile AND landed herself two competing offers. Now, if that doesn’t tell you how powerful this program can be, nothing will.


This is the program job seekers come back to again and again. Why? Because each time
something amazing happens. And this time will be no different.

All-Access Pass is $395 and you get access to all three live workshops, call recordings, every template, guide and sample you can image. Plus, three personalized videos with feedback on your resume, LinkedIn Profile and more.

Why Attend?


Real magic happens when professionals are empowered to innovate, ideate, and imagine new possibilities. There’s no limit to unique experiences you can create when you do it – together.


Expert Advice

Gain firsthand knowledge about the new wave of career expansion, including the latest tools and trends from recruiters, HR professionals and AI experts.


Better Content

It’s hard to write, easy to edit. Take the pressure off yourself and get career collateral that guarantees to help you stand out, be taken more seriously and gain access to roles in any size company, in any industry, and on any team.

Whether you’re a veteran professional, brand new to the scene, a job seeker evangelist or not – I can’t wait to show you what the future holds.

Melissa DeLay is a speaker, author, and award-winning founder and principal owner of TruPerception. 


With more than two decades of career advancement experience–including negotiating her own 60% salary increase while 6-months pregnant, garnering a work-from-home schedule 16 years before anyone else in any industry and directing thousands of clients through downsizings, career reinventions, salary boosts of +$20,000 and so much more–she knows how to deliver the right words, in the right way to drive change, build a stronger brand and quickly land luxury, never-believed-possible, perfect jobs.


No program helps job seekers be more impactful.


15 Days to New Job Readiness will take place online on December 5th – 19th alongside a small group of professionals dedicated to accelerating their careers and landing the perfect role.