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Communicate Without Chaos—Power Messaging To Boost Productivity and Get Results


Keep reading to learn the precise steps you need to take to tap the power of perception to positively influence employees and customers.

It’s amazing how important we say communication is in life and business—and we really do believe that—but if we had to point to a specific action we’ve taken in the last 30 days to actually improve not just the quantity, but also the QUALITY of our communications, we wouldn’t have much to say.

It’s not like we haven’t tried. We really DO want to communicate powerfully, especially to employees, contractors and vendors.

In fact, we’re desperate for what we say and write to truly inspire respect, build loyalty and create an environment that fosters a strong work ethic. Because we know that would ensure that everybody’s promoting the brand and keeping customers happy.

But it seems every time we turn around there’s a new problem to address.

  • A product breaks down
  • A customer complains
  • A new regulation hits the market
  • A manager quits or retires
  • A new technology becomes available


How can we find time to handle unmotivated employees who are easily distracted and resistant to change even when it’s for good?

What if I told you that the secret to keeping things running smoothly and maximizing productivity is learning how to communicate without chaos? Actually there are a few well-kept communication secrets that have the power to change your life forever…

the kind of secrets that I’ve used to get results like these:
Increased the approval rating of a Fortune 100 executive from 78% to 94% in just FOUR months.

Eliminated a potential lawsuit by creating language for a 20-second voice mail.

Moved a client to a 100% close rate immediately following a 60-minute consultation.

Boosted employee response rate over email by 60% with a few minor content tweaks.

MelissaSittingWithIpadRoundV2My name is Melissa DeLay, and I’ve spent the last 17 years inside the most powerful boardrooms at the most prominent companies. One thing I know for sure is that leaders struggle with how to communicate effectively in business—especially messages that have the potential to negatively affect our team our customers, and our brand.

I’ve helped hundreds of executives manage their reputations, including leaders at 3M, Ameriprise Financial, Carlson Companies and the State of Minnesota. With Communicate Without Chaos you can have the same kinds of success.

This self-paced course is your secret weapon for knowing what to say and how to say it to boost productivity and achieve results. These are the exact strategies I’ve shared with countless other business owners, corporate managers, and sales professionals and watched them get results.



Melissa communicates exceedingly well with the most senior of executives, able to take limited direction and come back with spectacular results. She manages through the politics of life and business with grace, never once failing to keep her own integrity and values in the forefront.”

Rich Blakeman, Senior Vice-President at Miller Heiman


“Melissa ensures that every message is articulated in a way that truly inspires customers. It is rare to find someone with her level of passion. I have seen her flawlessly raise morale via executive coaching and convey the most powerful, effective digital video messages. Melissa is relentless and embodies the role of coach and leader in everything she does.”

Jill Gutterman, Director of Interactive Marketing at 3M


“In a matter of hours, Melissa can transform your ability to speak and communicate more clearly, give you confidence to step in front of the camera or a room full of people, as well as carve out and refine your message with the simplest of tips, tricks and strategies.”

Lindsey Tibesar, Entrepreneur

Now it’s your turn!

Are you ready to Communicate Without Chaos?!

Over four weeks, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance through audio lessons, worksheets and customizable templates delivered right to your inbox. From face-to-face conversations, to voice mail messages to keynote presentations in front of hundreds, I’ve got you covered.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:


HR-Sample 1 Blue



Here’s how it works…

  • Every week you’ll get access to a new group of audio lessons. You’ll hear directly from me with plenty of tips and techniques so you can take clear actionable steps.
  • Along with each audio lesson you’ll get step-by-step instructions, sample content plus worksheets that make it easy for you to implement everything you’ll learn in the audio lessons.
  • I’ve even included templates you can fill in yourself for things like:
  • Crafting your own copy bible and communication plan.
  • Writing your Linkedin profile and professional bio.
  • Plus messages to spill the truth about things in your closet, e.g., going bankrupt, a criminal record, bad partnerships, etc.
  • You’ll have comprehensive examples every step of the way. By the time you’re finished the Communicate Without Chaos you’ll have everything you need to confidently deliver powerful messages that get more of the responses and results you want and less of the reactions you want to avoid.

Take a look at what others are saying:



“Melissa is my right hand, go-to person for content, writing and on-camera coaching. She can take any content that I have written and put it into a succinct, easy to understand piece of ‘art’.”

Stacey Schmitt, Profit Engineer at GreenSlate Group>


“Melissa is always inventive, shaping team culture and inspiring engagement through well-crafted, influential messages. Her on-camera coaching skills are outstanding, and I’ve yet to see anyone in her industry with as much drive, passion, energy and communications expertise. She’s a rock-star!!”

Lem Amen: CEO at Viking Engineering & Development


“I’m encouraging everyone is my business life to work with Melissa. Her magical phrases are truly magical. As a business owner, I tend to forget about the little details and how my business is perceived. Melissa brought to my attention the importance of communication, and what “words” and “tone” do for a business. Her written messages changed how I explain my business and have given me the confidence to share it with everyone.”

Michelle Taney, CEO at SourcePrin

If Communicate Without Chaos worked for them—just imagine how it will work for you!

Now, I know you are excited about finally having the perfect tools to inspire respect, build loyalty and create an environment that fosters a strong work ethic. I also know you are thinking.


How Much?

You’re probably thinking that to get this kind of mentoring you have to make a huge investment. Thousands of dollars even. The truth is, what I’m sharing in Communicate Without Chaos is worth $10,000, simply because there isn’t any other program out there that will help you become a rock star communicator from the privacy of your own laptop or computer.

The truth is—this isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars—like hiring a personal consultant. It’s not going to cost you $1,000. It’s not even going to cost you $500.

Communicate Without Chaos represents a $399 value. However, I decided to make it so affordable that you’d have every reason to enroll. I’m making it available to you for $197, which is more than half off the full price.


Whether you have to communicate with 10 people or 10,000 people, it can be hard to know what to say when things go wrong. The value of delivering the right message at the right time, the right way is priceless. Aren’t your reputation and professional relationships worth protecting?

If you’re still undecided about whether Communicate Without Chaos can help you—let me sweeten the offer!


Act now and you’ll also get…

7 Power Moves for Communicating with Confidence absolutely FREE!


CWCeBook This eBook can help you get the perfect edge in any sticky scenario:

  • You’ll find out where to sit in a meeting to be the most persuasive.
  • You’ll know how to turn distracting mannerisms into nonverbal gestures that influence others.
  • You’ll uncover a unique way to boost credibility without speaking a single word.
  • You’ll learn what to start your conversation with to ensure that your listener will hear what you’re saying.
  • You’ll discover the phrases that trigger bad reactions vs. good responses.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the insider secrets of master communicators, this is how you get immediate access!

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My 100%, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!

I am so confident that Communicate Without Chaos is the secret to delivering bad news while protecting your relationships and reputation that I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use the techniques in this program, you will see results. If you don’t, I’ll refund the entire cost of the program to you.

365-day Guarantee

Take up to a 12 months to decide if I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, and I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it’s the last day of the twelfth month.

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Melissa DeLay

The Message Maven

P.S. You won’t find another program like this—I guarantee it! Go ahead and search for a more affordable way to get the guidance, support and tools offered in Communicate Without Chaos. So order now, because you too can go from communication challenged to rock star messenger!